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This gallery has a few images from my trip to Scotland (one image of each Bird,flower,insect etc that i photographed,i will add more galleries over the next few weeks when i get time)
Hope your enjoy these ones

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Red GrouseDipperRed-throated DiverCommon RedstartOspreySlavonian GrebeRabbitArtic TernLesser Butterfly OrchidTree PipitNorthern Marsh OrchidYellow HammerSmall BlueSmall Flowered OrchidChequered SkipperGold Ringed DragonflyCommon SandpiperOystercatcherRed DeerLapwing

Guestbook for Scottish trip 2012
Pauline Greenhalgh(non-registered)
I've smiled hugely viewing these Scotland shots - we must have been walking in each others footsteps with exactly the same images and quarry in mind! Except we didn't go for 'the osprey' shot! Good man! Gorgeous shots!
Best regards, Pauline
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